From The Battleground | Volume Three HOT RINSE by Trent Mitchell

HOT RINSE is a visual diary of culture, tones, and showering techniques that I will never forget. The zine was created from a five day family road trip around Israel with a quick journey into Jordan. 

Limited edition of 15 copies

Paperback & perfect bound
A5 landscape & 100 pgs
300gsm recycled cover stock
115gsm recycled body stock
Digital four colour print
98 colour + bw photographs




n May 2015, Dutch photographer Robin de Puy set out to create a new body of personal work on the open roads of America. Travelling alone on a Harley Davidson, de Puy clocked over 10,000 kilometres; going through countless towns and cities in the American Midwest, she put everyday people, unaccustomed to the spotlight, in front of her camera. In this interview, she talks about the ‘urge’ of wanting to photograph somebody, what makes a good portrait, and how it’s not a bad thing to let your guard down.

The American Road Trip has been done by a lot of artists and photographers. Why did you choose to drive through America, and not through Europe, for example?

I felt that America was the best place to do this kind of trip for the first time, because it’s far enough that I can’t just be back home in a few hours, but it’s not completely unknown to me. I’m also fascinated by countries in Asia and Africa, but to me that seemed as too big of a leap to make - especially as a woman that was travelling alone. I knew that, in the beginning, it would be really difficult for me to actually go out and photograph, and I didn’t want to make it easy to give up and return back home with nothing. So, in a way, it was kind of like I gave myself a challenge, as well as an extra push to go and do something.


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The 37th Frame #5 // The Camera Club Strikes Back

SORRY for Morgan's on-board audio this week, he forgot to enable the correct input in Zencastr. What a loser. Anyway this is a free podcast so NO COMPLAINTS, learning is good. Morgan and Nick chat about the just announced Hasselblad X1D medium format mirrorless (pre-announcement), Anton Yelchin and more.