BOOK REVIEW // Brisbane by Nick Bedford

Nick decided to put a few of his images into book format with Blurb. He has recently purchased a Leica M 240 and 35mm lens and basically is going ape crap every spare second he has. I was really interested to see how things turned out, so when today the book turned up I had to have a look. I asked Nick if he minded doing a quick post for our blog. As always he said yes, and then I let his arm go.
- Simon

BRISBANE by Nick Bedford - Book printed through

I've been doing street photography for about a year now, and I love the idea of producing a book to view my favourite photographs. There's nothing like looking at real prints!

This is actually a book test to see how the quality is and to get an idea of the page style that works. I want to spend another year taking street photographs before I consider a more realised book.

Blurb in Lightroom

I'd printed a book through Blurb a while ago, and with the Lightroom Books module I was able to build the book and get it printed through them directly.

As for the book itself, I opted for the 10x8" book with my photographs ending up at around 5x7 size. This gives you a nice margin and a viewing space like a gallery. In hindsight, I might opt for the hard cover next time as it would be easier to handle when looking at the pages.

I chose the Premium Matte paper option and this looks to be the best option as it still has a smooth and slightly glossy feel, but isn't "shiny".

Print Quality

The first thing I noticed is that the front and back glossy covers were not entirely B&W and were slightly blue toned. This is something I would much prefer to be truly B&W since there is actually no colour in these images...

The prints inside the book are however quite good and I can't seem to see any colour toning issues. They're both detailed and as rich and contrasty as the digital files.


I'm really happy with how this turned out. The price of these smaller books is only about $25-30 excluding postage for 22x 10x8" pages so it's great value, especially if you are only printing one or two for yourself.

The cover pages weren't perfect and I will definitely contact Blurb to see how I can rectify this next time around, but the prints inside the book are great.

I've made the book available for print at cost price for those interested grab one here

An Elegiac Response to the Ghost of Surrealist Decadence in the Work of Paul Kooiker

By Brad Feuerhelm

Paul Kooiker

This is where our shared habits meet concrete. All the possessions accumulated, obsessions sought and tendered in the infernal light of my psychic affairs have led me into the unforeseen garden of these earthly delights. I sit with primordial kith and kin between alabaster pillars of flesh, inscribing my DNA in the reckless ash gathering on my trousers or ground under my heel. A soft haze fills the room and in the background I count the clucking sounds from various aviary offspring and also that of obtuse primate shrieking in the menagerie of my mind.



Source (

The Top 8 Reasons Why I’m a Big Believer in 35mm Lens Photography

by Frank McKenna

After two years of testing, renting, buying and selling just about every level of Nikon and Canon lenses and cameras, I have learned quite a bit about what works and what doesn’t. Pretty much you can’t go wrong with Canon or Nikon, and just about everything they make is top notch.

You can buy one or the other and in the end you’ll have a great product (though, I do give Nikon a slight advantage in most categories). One thing I have learned is that the more you spend the better the quality of the lens, the camera and the final pictures you take.

Well, that is until this week. This week I discovered the Nikkor 35mm manual focus lens.

This lens has been around so long that it has reached legendary status (I believe it has been around since 1982 which is amazing considering how much technology and cameras have evolved from that point).