INTERVIEW// Alex Coghe: Every Moment Tells a Story

Alex Coghe, an Italian photojournalist living in Mexico, looks for the energy factor when documenting the everyday life situations of the people visiting Chapultepec Park. Alex uses the Leica X2 for his work because it is compact, lightweight and discrete.

Alex has been using the Leica X2 to document life around Mexico City, particularly in Chapultepec Park, which was one of the first places he visited upon arriving in Mexico.

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself.

A: I am a dynamic person, curious about the world around me. I have always been a creative: first a writer then also a photographer. I love people; I like the human touch and to know the ideas and ways of thinking of others, especially when original. Maybe that’s why I especially love to socialize with people related to the world of art. I have friends all over the world and the internet is a great help for this. I put passion into everything I do.

Q: Which are the most important things in life to you?

A: I would like to answer this question, first of all, with the word “serenity.” This is the key for me. And of course, love is a crucial part in this. I crossed the ocean to reach the woman of my life. It is so important, maybe the most important, to do things with ethics and respect for others.


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