Tutorial // Manual exposure technique for street photography

by Yanidel

Do you use your camera in automatic mode but feel that something is missing in your exposure technique ? This article goes through the advantages of shooting in manual mode for street photography. It also provides some tips and covers topics such as the Sunny 16 rule, the use of a lightmeter and how to operate your camera. (Note that this is not a course on basics of photography such as aperture, ISO and shutter speed, but on how to use them in apply in manual exposure mode).

I) Why switch to manual exposure mode ?

- you take the decision. Whatever the processor and algorithms of your camera’s exposure system, it will never be able to guess what the important parts of the scene are. Indeed, there are no algorithms for emotions, creativity or social interaction, but only averages based on the amount of light that a scene reflects. You do take the decision on the framing, the composition and the message of a scene, why not do so then for the amount of light that will hit the sensor/film ?


Source (http://www.yanidel.ne)