The Analog Renaissance by Michael Ernest Sweet​

Why Every Photographer Should Take Part


I’m not a digital hater, really, I’m not. I just finished a book of photography that is coming out later this winter and everything in it is captured digitally. But I just cannot help feel that something is missing when I am behind a digital camera. In some strange way it is just not photography. I always find myself longing for a simpler way of working – a way of working that takes more attention away from the camera and puts more on the subject, the composition. I long for a way of working that involves less screen staring and fewer battery problems. I also long to smell the film – the chemicals of the darkroom. I also want to create something tangible, like a negative, for example. When I shoot digital I cannot forget that I am just collecting a bunch of ones and zeros. And, all that photography seems to not really exist for me. I know it’s on my hard drive but is it, really?

I think all serious photographic artists should make a return to film.