Gear Review // Lowepro Transit Backpack

When it comes to bags, I’ve come close to seeing it all. I have a bag for basically any situation plus spares in each category. Over the years I’ve seen different designs from a broad range of manufacturers, and that means I’ve seen both good and bad ideas. Bags are seen as a commodity, and I won’t argue they aren’t. But in their attempt to reinvent themselves and grow out of that box, sometimes we end up with bag designs we never needed or asked for. That’s why it’s such a relief when a bag company just makes a no gimmicks bag that just works. A bag that takes the best designs from years of testing and perfectly integrates them into something that I just want to use. With a nearly flawless design, Lowepro has succeeded in making my favorite bag ever, and one that I haven’t stopped using since that day I received it in the mail: the Transit 350 AW.