How to shoot film without getting a divorce

by Paul Schofield


Paul shares with us a fun little piece about photography and our changing lives, and spefically how to deal with a crippling film photography habit when you have a family to take care of.

“Harmony is a condition that comes about when all the parts of your life are balanced with each other and with the world around you”.

Cumbria, 1976. We’ve been stuck in an Austin Allegro for six hours in sweltering heat and my sweaty nylon Spiderman t-shirt is sticking to the brown vinyl seats. The campsite is still miles away, it’s late and tempers are getting frayed. Dad is looking for a disused railway station in the middle of nowhere that he vaguely remembers stopping at in 1948. He wants to take a photograph of it. With a Praktica LTL3 and some recently expired Kodachrome 64. And he’s bloody well going to do it even if it kills us.


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