Book Review // Last Resort by Martin Parr

by Jesse Freeman from the pages of Japan Camera Hunter

Ironically Martin Parr’s The Last Resort was the first resort for me several years ago when I told myself I’d cut back on literature in favor of purchasing at least one photo book a month. With my limited knowledge of photography at the time I always remembered Martin Parr because his photography was just so original and decided to get this one.
It was color, it was day time flash, it was ugly, it was intelligent, it was satiric, it was medium format, and more importantly everyone who I got into photography with at the time hated him (so I knew he was doing something right lol). In addition, as a film person the everyday of suburbia enhanced with saturated colors felt like David Lynch. This book in ways changed photography for Europeans who were still in the mode of sober black and white photos as it was really only the American photographers in the 70s who were really doing color, and Parr took it
somewhere else.


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