Interview // Photographer Dan Zvereff

We first read about Dan Zvereff on Japan Camera Hunter, we were captivated by his images and his use of Kodak Aerochrome. The famous infrared film was designed for military applications and what it did was turn all greens into a shade of purple. But that’s just the short explanation, and we’ve got a more detailed and in depth analysis here.

Aerochrome was at the heart of Dan’s project called Introspective, where he travelled around the world for three months on a quest of self-discovery. Along the way he shot various landscapes and scenes in the Arctic, Europe, and Africa.

We talked to Dan a bit about the project and his incredible images.

Phoblographer: What attracted you to using the Kodak Aerochrome film to begin with?

Dan: I was at the lab with a friend who had taken some photos of tea fields in Darjeeling, India using 35mm Aerochrome. Only 1 or 2 frames survived un­fogged but looking at them on the lightbox was pure magic. I was already familiar with Richard Mosse’s outstanding documentation of the Congo so the combination of the two sort of sealed the deal. I contacted Dean Bennici shortly thereafter and discovered that he only had 100 rolls left. The fact a film that was so visually stunning that has a unique look because of the way it reacts to the chlorophyl in plants was on its last leg even furthered my conviction for using it in a project.


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