Interview // Photographer David Lykes Keenan

by Blake Andrews

BA: What do you think separates your photos from the average street photographer?

DLK: That’s easy. Plain and simple most of what is passed off as street photography today SUCKS. Plain and simple. Take a picture of random people walking haphazardly, maybe one of them is centered on a pretty girl holding an ice cream cone, and whammo you have street photography.

I assume you're referring to the Winogrand ice-cream shot? 

I’m not referring to Winogrand. I’m alluding to what passes for good street photography nowadays. It’s another photograph that I’ve seen in various Internet locales recently and being presented as an example of goodness. Perhaps I’m all wet since it has been “approved” by more that one de facto Internet curator – but I just don’t think it’s worth a second glance.

No brag, just fact, but my photographs tell little stories. Admittedly, some better than others. These stores might be funny, they might be ironic, they might be scary, and they might be head-scratchers. There is always something going on to draw the viewer in so they can make up their own stories. 

Very importantly, a viewer can usually tell WHY one of my pictures was taken almost like it has a plot.



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