4 Reasons To Consider Moving Back To Analog SLRs

  AFP PHOTO/Ben Stansall

AFP PHOTO/Ben Stansall

I realize this post might be consider heresy on a digital photography website and yet, I type about moving away from all digital and incorporating some old-fashioned analog (film) cameras in your photo kit. I’m not advocating a worldwide ban on digital, nor do I think all you young kids need to get off my lawn and pull up your pants. I’m not that old yet (but really, pull up your pants). I do see some value in picking up a film camera on the cheap.

It Can Help You Learn

I teach photography and I see both sides of this concept. On one hand, I learned in the days of film and the steep cost for making mistakes forced me to learn to see light, think about it, quantify it and set my exposure accordingly. That way works and has for over a century.

But digital allows for instant feedback and to see cause and effect in real-time with Live View modes. This can also help but can also be a crutch. There is no right or wrong way between digital and film which is why I state it “can” help you learn. It can also frustrate the heck out of you.