GEAR REVIEW // Jupiter 8 50mm f/2 Russian lens

Two lenses grace my M9-P, a superb  35 Summocron and  it's very capable 28mm F/2 Voigtlander Cousin.  Lately however,  I have been contemplating a magic 50. I shoot the majority of my portraits with  my Nikon and a 50 f1.4 lens, so I just felt it would be a wise move to look into my 50mm options.  

ZeissLeica and even Voigtlander have might fine examples, however it was a friend and fellow Leica Shooter  who lent me his small f/2 Jupiter 8 Russian lens to try on my Leica M. Here are a few  pics taken with the silver beauty below.

He made it clear in  no way was it going to replace a Leica lens, however he urged me to give it a try. Now strait up I was very impressed. I jumped online and grabbed myself a 'NOS Black Jupiter 8' on eBay, 4 weeks later, and it arrived safe and sound,  it looked great and was in MINT NEW Condition, not bad for $60. I had ordered an adapter online as well and was ready to shoot. I have included some iPhone images of the lens as I unboxed it (kinda)

iPhone 4 image Simon P M Johnson

J8 1960 left vs  J8 1986 right

Here is a image comparison I shot. Both lenses at f2 same settings on the Leica M9-P. The image on the left is the 1960 Silver model, on the right the Black 1986 version. I was focusing on the 'ThinkPad Logo'

Justa few quick words and snaps to show those who are interested. For a more detailed review do a few Google searches and see what you can find.