Gear Review // Thumbs Up EP-9S


I have been shooting the Fuji X-E1 for a little while now and have come across some annoying little design problems with the ergonomics of the camera, mainly in regards to shooting the camera with one hand and a fixed focal length lens. 

Enter the Thumbs Up EP-9S. 

Made by Tim Isaac of Match Technical in the USA, the Thumbs Up grip idea came about to increase the usability and handling of rangefinder cameras such as the Leica M series cameras. 

The Thumbs Up EP-9S is beautifully crafted to match the Fuji X-E1 exactly and is even finished off with a nice rubber bumper on the underside of the grip so that it wont mark your cameras finish during use.  

Attaching the grip to the camera is very simple and effortless to be honest, the grip simply slides into your camera (in my case the Fuji X-E1's) hotshoe for a snug and firm fit. This inherantly renders the hotshoe unusable as a trade off for better handling, but lets face it, who uses an external flash on a small street style camera body, we all shoot off camera flash like the legends - Bruce Gilden and Mark Cohen.

Below are some images of the fantastic packaging and the actual Thumbs Up EP-9S grip itself on the camera. 

I purchased mine through Mainline Photographic's in NSW through their website and I received the product overnight. 

PS. Before any of you ask what the funny looking thing on my shutter release is, it's a DIY soft release AKA the "Simon Johnson Special" soft release. Thanks to Simon Johnson for this little one, he "custom fitted" it for me yesterday! Its one of those little rubber bumpers that you put on the bottom of things so that they don't move around. You can pick up a pack of 10 for $1 at junk stores.