Photographer // MARIO SORRENTI'S DRAW BLOOD FOR PROOF Sorrenti tells us why he didn’t see his early works as "being radical or sexy"


During the 90s, Mario Sorrenti began covering the walls of his New York studio with snapshots, polaroids, contact sheets and pieces of ephemera. Strung together like a thread of memories, they became a way of working for Sorrenti and offered a rare insight into his artistic process. Several years later, in 2004, these works made up a large-scale photographic installation at the Andrew Roth Gallery entitled Draw Blood for Proof.  Exploring the idea of presenting private works within a public space, Sorrenti then re-photographed the gallery installation and has now released it in his new tome. 

Here, in a rare interview, Sorrenti tells us why all his inspirations are now stored on a computer and why he didn’t see his early works as "being radical or sexy."

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