Video // Harri Peccinotti

'' created some amazing short films about a variety of photographers including Frank Ockenfels, Brad Elterman, Patrick O'Dell and Hilary Walsh to name but a few. The episodes popped up randomly for a couple of years in their complete (superbly shot) entirety, until without any warning or explanation ... they stopped.

Although their Facebook page informed fans there was more to come ... Dec 2011 Elizabeth Weinberg's episode was the last posted

What is interesting is that  all 10 episodes always posted in their entirety, except for one 3 minute 'Preview' video on Legendary Fashion Photographer Harri Peccinotti. This was advertising an upcoming Full episode instalment ... no finished full episode was ever posted. I have never found any information explaining why, so your guess is as good as mine. Perhaps things went sour with Peccinotti, maybe's great Documentaries got them noticed and they moved onto bigger and better things ?, we may never know.

The one thing I do know is that this unique instalment was taken down from their site within a week after being posted. It was only a teaser, but wonderful and inspiring all the same.

Peccinotti really is one of a kind, and to his testament his work today for such publications as Treat's, 7000 to name just a couple, prove he is as relevant and inventive as always.

How many fashion photographers from the 60's can attest to that ?

One side note I find awesome, Harry Peccinotti still shoots all his work on Film ..gotta love him for that.


7000 Magazine