Software Review // Alien Skin Exposure 5 by Zach Sutton

FStoppers just published a review on one of the better  software packages on the market. Exposure 5 is Alien Skin's latest incarnation of their popular Film Emulation Software. Zach Sutton leads us down the garden path of discovery in this rather enlightening post.

I have been playing around with it myself for the last couple of hours, great interface

About a year ago, Lee Morris stated that Alien Skin Exposure 4 was his favorite photo enhancement plugin for Photoshop. Claiming that all of its film presets makes it stand out above the rest, and the clear winner in the plugin world. Just a few weeks or so ago, Alien Skin released the latest installment, Exposure 5. But is it still the champion and must have plugin that Exposure 4 was?

Let me start by saying I won this software in a recent photo submission contest held by Peter Nguyen, a long time Exposure fan and a bit of an unofficial spokesperson for the software. If I had known that the software was available, I wouldn’t have needed to enter into the contest, as I probably would have purchased it outright, since I have always loved Exposure 4.

I know plugins get a lot of hate. I’m largely with you, the hard way is always the best way when it comes to editing photos. I’ve always been a longtime outspoken curves fan, claiming that 95% of my editing is done through curves and layer masks. However, Plugins give me something that curves simply cannot do with ease. It gives me creative ideas.

I’m a warm tone person, through and through. Going through my portfolio seems like a trip to summer, and even when I’m shooting in blizzards, I still manage to find a way to use warm tones over cold ones. Its not because I’m completely obsessed with warm tones, its just all I’ve ever done. Exposure 4 / 5 opened me up to the other half of the color pallette, something I wouldn’t have done on my own. Plugins are a great way to experiment, and push your creative inspiration to new heights.



Alien Skin Exposure 5 

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