Introducing VSCO Cam™ B Series: Black & White Moody

No Surprise I love VSCO Film .. and the VSCO Cam App for the iPhone isn't bad either. Here is a quick look at their B&W presets

Available for purchase within VSCO Cam™, the B Series: Black & White Moody pack supplies an array of pensive B&W presets.  B4, B5, and B6 boast a dark presence, giving gravity and depth to portraits.  This high contrast pack enhances dramatic detail in various textures and environments.

Within the VSCO Cam™ app, click on the store link and look for the B Series: Black & White Moody pack for 99 cents. The B Series: Black & White Moody pack is also included in the Bundle pack, which offers an additional 38 Presets to the 10 provided Presets for only $5.99.

All of the images below were taken with an iPhone and processed with B4, B5, or B6 in VSCO Cam™.



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