Photography News // Five Reasons Why We Need to Keep Medium and Large Format Instant Film Alive

I’ve been experimenting this past week since it was #roidweek: I was playing around with my Polaroid 210 Land Camera and Fujfilm 100C and 3000B Instant film. On a whim, I took photos of friends, co-workers, people I just met at a bar, and landscapes during the rain. And with each pull of the 3 x 4 inch film through the rollers and enduring the waiting process of anywhere from 15 seconds to 2 minutes followed by the final reveal, I saw faces light up in people who were never even into the arts.

And though digital photography does give us something essential, we need to understand that photography is also about falling in love and that sentimentality coupled with acceptance of all formats and others needs to come first. After this past week, I feel that we need to keep parts of us as a photographic community as a whole alive.

Here are five reasons why we need to save Medium Format and Large Format Instant film.


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