Developing Film Wrong Feels Oh So Right by Zach Sutton

Fstoppers have posted a great article on Photographer Mathew Cettas. His disision to use various methods to incorrectly develop his films.

Using a Holga 35mm toy camera, Photographer Matthew Cetta went out to create an interesting photographic series using film. However, upon seeing his work, he still felt uninspired, and generally unimpressed with what he was able to create. That is when a beautiful idea struck, why not develop these photos, incorrectly? His results were surreal, compelling and gorgeous.

Using techniques like soaking the film in Ambien before shooting with it, Matthew was able to create a series of work that was very different than anything ever seen before.

“It came to a point where I wanted to explore the medium of film itself. I embarked on a journey that has led me here. Where is here? Here is a place full of what ifs. What if I electrified my film and then froze it afterward? What if I introduced absinthe to the emulsion? What if I was to soak the film in Ambien before I shot it?”

Check out some of the amazing images Matthew was able to create, and check out his series on his website 


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