Tutorial // The Holy Trinity, Aperture, Shutter Speed and Exposure

121clicks have a great introduction article about the Holy Trinity of photography, Aperture, Shutter Speed and Exposure. Once you can understand the fundamentals of the attributes of  Exposure, you will further your skills and improve your outcomes as a image taker. So enjoy



We thought of bringing something grand for all the beginners and amateurs of photography out there. An article which can make an amateur know about the prime elements of photography and stuff inside his camera, paving way for his/her growth as a Photographer. Its going to be nightmare for any beginner to scroll around the priority modes with his dslr, this article should get you fixed and should make you a pro in instance.

To begin with, all these three elements are important for making a picture, its more or less a combination of these 3 working in equal basis. But at times, we need to prioritize things, when we want to shoot a specific kind of a picture. That’s when all these priority options comes into play. So before we jump into looking into these Priority options lets figure out what these terms actually mean.


Source (http://121clicks.com)