Book Review // Nicosia in Dark and White by hodoris Tzalavras

Doug Stockdale provides us with another great insight into the Photography Book world.

Thodoris Tzalavras’s photobook titled Nicosia in Dark and White is a haunting story about an abandoned place, a place that represents a victim. It is a place where time seems to have stopped, yet obvious that nature continues to takes its course reclaiming the man-built structures and reducing these slowly to dust. This desolate place is not a victim of economics, but of society due to cultures, religion and politics. The location is now the middle ground of a no-man’s land between two intense adversaries.

Tzalavras does not directly confront the adversarial situation that has created this place, but indirectly reveals the underlying tension in a subtle agenda using a documentary style. There is a strong undercurrent of pathos in these black and white photographs.


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