Competition // Swappa is an analog photography contest

A Fantastic Competition to get involved in. I urge as many of you as possible to enter. I have

What is it?

Swappa is an analogue (or analog if you prefer) photography contest

How does it work?

Simple! Fill the form below with your details and we will link you to a Swap Buddy from a different Country.

Shoot your photos on a film roll (yes, one of those things to put in old cameras…) and rewind. Then post the roll to your Swap Buddy who will re-shoot again over the same roll (within 7 days from receipt) and process it. Expect the unexpectable, the results will be something like this.

Send your photos to

Can you still find film rolls?

Oh yes! You can find them everywhere both new and expired. Check your local photo shop, Ebay or supermarket. If you want something really cool our sponsorREVOLOG will offer a 10% discount on their film rolls for all SWAPPA contestants (we will send you the discount code with your application confirmation)

But I don`t have a film camera, what can I do?

Don`t worry , finding one is easier than you think. Go to a charity shop or your local market and get the cheapest you can find or check your auntie and uncle`s loft, there is always one there!

Is there any prize?

Of course! The best photos will be selected by FM team and PIM and will be published in a photobook and that`s not all!

We will randomly choose between the selected photographers the winners of a film supply for a year*, a FIGOSA neck strap, and a LOMOGRAPHY Diana Mini!

Do I need to pay to enter the contest?

No, it`s completely FREE

How long does the contest last?

You can enter until Sunday 29th of September and you have time until the 31st of October to send us your photos

Once I have sent you the photos, can I enter again?

Yes, just re-enter the entry form and we will link you to a new Swap Buddy

Have you got any tips on how to get a good photo and load/unload the film?

Sure, check our tutorial here but don`t worry too much about the technical stuff, just shoot and enjoy yourself!

*Read the full Terms and Conditions here