Photographer // Emiliano Granado and Daniel Wakefield Pasley

Where Advertising and Documentary Photography Meet


Getting paid to make photographs is hard. It always has been, but the last fifteen years have been especially so. Here in 2013, this difficulty is rarely if ever disputed. Our interview column onhow photographers make a living proves this out in every installment.

What does often warrant some discussion and argument between photographers is the idea that, hey, surely the internet has created at least a few new opportunities to make money in the process of changing or fully erasing some of the old ones. So, what are they?

Emiliano Granado and Daniel Wakefield Pasley's Yonder Journal, an outdoor-focused website publishing photo-illustrated guides and wilderness "studies" is looking to take a stance in that discussion: Yes, in today's publishing and marketing environment, writers and photographers can find a way to support their own projects financially. Granado, a commercial and editorial photographer, and Pasley, a writer and photographer, founded Yonder Journal with a relatively down-to-earth goal—they were seeking the means to support the kinds of portfolio-building personal projects they were interested in doing anyway. Both have experience with the advertising world and the "brand" side of the equation—Granado's portfolio includes work for brands like Converse, Fjallraven, and Outlier, and Pasley worked as a sales representative for a variety of outdoor gear and clothing brands.  



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