Gear Review // Optrix XD5 Waterproof iPhone Housing

by Marko Georgiev

In my quest for the ultimate phone camera + protection + usability solution, I discovered the Optrix XD5 housing and I must say this case might be a keeper.

The Optrix case design clearly targets the GoPro users and it does a pretty good job in it. It comes with one sleeve (Optix calls it a sled) that fits into the housing only by sliding the phone inside through a hatch. All the buttons are rubber sealed and there is an extra waterproof charging door on the bottom to access the headphones and the charger. There is a quick release rail mounting system in the back, and it comes with a flat and curved base mount much like the GoPro. There is a place for the ever important safety leash and it came with an Optrix 175 degrees, three layer, all-glass, wide angle lens with a screw mount. I got an additional normal lens (Optrix flat lens), but I rarely used it because whenever I intended to use the native iPhone lens I would simply take the phone out of the case and shoot with the phone with the sled still attached to my iPhone. Taking the phone in-and-out of the case is simple and instantaneous.



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