Gear Review // Dry Red #2 by Crumpler ..... one great camera

..... one great camera bag that isn't a camera bag

 ...Yes it all fits nice and snug.

As the Website states ...

A luxe redux of the classic propeller era boarding bag, the Dry Red No. 2 will hold your travel documents and personal belongings, plus a long haul flight’s worth of welcome distractions via your iPad or other e-vices. Small enough to slip under the seat in front without stealing your legroom, it stays within reach even when it’s out of the sight."

BlaBlaBla, more importantly, it's one hell of a Camera Bag. Crumpler I feel, fail to point out that with its roomy interior compartment, the Dry Red #2 and a Haven (large) are a match made in Heaven. If your sporting a medium to small camera set-up, say Lica M or Fujifilm X-Pro 1, or any 4/3 gear, this Bag is an absolute Tardis as the image above & below show. Yes all the gear in the image above is actually inside this bag below, as well as a iPad which fits in the back zip compartment.

Here is all the stats from the site, figured some nerd might wish to know the info


  • Front zippered pocket with four-compartment organiser and key loop
  • Twin gripper zippered interior cargo space
  • Interior zippered pocket with mesh panel
  • Rear zippered pocket
  • Side stuff pocket for micro umbrella


The 38mm wide strap distributes weight evenly across your shoulders, while the easy-to-use tri-glide buckle lets you adjust how high or low the bag sits.


The bag outer is made from water resistant materials.


Before you take your Dry Red on a holiday or business trip, we take it to hell and back –a travel simulation torture test that sees every prototype dropped, dragged, beat up and opened and closed umpteen thousand times. A bag that survives that can survive anything.

The Haven's themselves are a great add-on and as far as I am concerned, one of the most under valued items when looking to store gear. Obviously it fit's great in the Dry Red #2 as the images show. It comes in 3 sizes and is well priced at $49(s), $59(M) and $69(L) respectively.  They really are a multi-functional item, with heaps of uses beyond just your camera gear, but a new home for your camera is what this post is about ........

My Leica Film and Digital, along with the all the crap above ABSOLUTELY fit with no problems. No trick photography here, just all my stuff jammed in nice and tidy. The above image to the right, shows the front 'organizer compartment', this housed my Ricoh GR3 and memory cards as well as phone.

I have been using this bag for some time and i think it's a no brainer when it comes to stealthy camera bags, note the iPad zip section on the back of the bag above in the slideshow. Although Crumpler do not promote this 'bag & accessory combo' as a Camera bag option, we at WECC think its 5 stars.


images Simon Johnson (iPhone) Slideshow images Ben at Crumpler