Gear Review // Nikon 200-400mm f/4 VR II Review – by Nic Coury

Photo Brigades Nc Coury have posted a great review on this Nikon beauty, if Sports and long lenses are your thing on.

Nic Coury

Nic Coury

The Nikon 200-400mm f/4 VR II is by far one of the best lens the company makes. For sports and events with enough light, this is really all you need. For motorsports, where lightweight, versatility is key, the 200-400 is the near-perfect lens.

While shooting the premier class of motorcycle road racing at Laguna Seca during the 2013 US Moto Grand Prix, the 200-400 had zero issue focusing at the bikes speeding by at nearly 175 mph. Everything I shot was locked on. The focus was tack sharp and very quiet. If anything suffered with focusing, it was my aging Nikon D700 camera, but still worked flawlessly. Even my D600 was quick to focus the lens.


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