103 Things I’ve Learned About Street Photography

By Eric Kim

Thought as we have our Street Photography Workshop next weekend, you might like to read about one Photographers 103 things he learnt about Street Photography Article.

Just remember they are Eric's thoughts on the subject not ours. A good read all the same.

1.  A good photo asks more questions than provides answers

2. 35mm as a focal length is generally ideal for most street photographers. 28mm is too     wide (most people don’t get close enough) and 50mm is too tight.

3. My keeper ratio : one decent shot a month, one shot I am proud of in a year.

4. When in doubt, take a step closer.

5. You will become a better photographer by asking people what they don’t like about       your shots (rather than what they like).

6. A harsh and constructive critique is better than a pat on the back.

7. A good photo critique needs (at least) 4 sentences online. Preferably 8 sentences or      more.

8. It isn't the quantity of social media followers you have that matters, rather then quality    of followed you have that matters.


Source (http://digital-photography-school.com) Via Rob V