Book Review // Nippon Nendai 1970 by Kitai Kazuo

by Jesse Freeman


Jesse returns with another great review of a Japanese photo book. Kitai sans books shows a side of Japan that has almost disappeared now, a beautiful look at Japan it what was actually the boom time. Enjoy.


“Always do the opposite to what people expect.” In the Golden Age of Japanese street photography, Kitai Kazuo went left…north…and south…or really anywhere that wasn’t Tokyo. This is significant for two reasons one of which more related to photography and the other more cultural. 1970s Japanese photography essentially was Tokyo, and culturally the perception of Japan was entirely industrial. So for photography he did the exact opposite of what everyone was doing and culturally it was really the last documentation of a part of Japan that has all but ceased to exist. So the crossover value is evident because it is not only an art photo book but also a study of the last of a culture.


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