Photography News // What it Takes to succeed

The shocking truth

By Olivier Duong

Imagine for a moment a world where talent was met with success. The most talented photographer in the world would be the most successful. It’s only fair after all that the most skilled has the most success, right? Well, no. This world we are talking about is called Lala land and does not exist. Here’s the shocking truth about Photographic Success.

The Shocking Truth
The best kept secret, the shocking truth about success in photography is that talent has very little to do with it. The beautiful lie, but a lie nonetheless is that If you are talented, you’ll make it big. I wish it was true, but fact is, business and marketing trump talent at a rate that talent is a non issue in my opinion.

This surely is good news for some, but for most others, who actually work hard are their craft it’s downright depressing. It should be the other way around, no? Those who polish themselves, actually doing the work should get the recognition, no? Well, no. It’s not about what you do, it’s how you sell yourself.


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