Interview // Photographer Josh White What You Feel is What You See


Josh White

Josh White is a street photographer from Newfoundland in Canada, and has done the majority of his work in Seoul, Korea. I conducted a video interview with him when I taught my Introduction to Street Photography Workshop with him in Toronto. We caught up, chatted about his beginnings, his inspirations, working in film versus digital, why he prefers black and white, and some memories from Seoul.

Josh—tell us more about yourself.

My name is Josh. I’m originally from Newfoundland in Canada. I lived in Korea for a long time and a lot of people probably know my Korean street photography the most.

Tell us your life story. For those of who don’t know, where exactly is Newfoundland?

Newfoundland is East-Coast Canada, a small island. It wasn’t part of Canada until 1949—interesting fact.

How did you make it from Newfoundland to Korea?

From Newfoundland I played hockey, went to Wisconsin for a year ,and I finished my undergrad here in Canada, then I went to law school. Then I went to Korea to teach English. After that, I got into photography pretty hard. 


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