Photography News // DIY $0.30 Soft Release ...

Leica M8 Simon P M Johnosn

After losing at least 5 great quality $$$ metal soft releases from unscrewing,  I thought I would try a 3M glass pad (pack of 10) for about $3.

Fit strait onto the shutter button perfectly and have remained on for the past 6 weeks both on my M6ttl and M8..  Remember to center the pad on the shutter release and apply pressure for about 10 seconds then you cool to go.

UPDATE* Well I wrote this post over a year ago (roughly) on my Street Blog. Since then I sold both the Leica M8 & M6, interestingly enough both DIY '3M' Soft Releases still stayed in place after constant use with both cameras.  


    I have since purchased a Voigtlander R4A (above) to shoot my film with. I naturally grabbed some more Glass Bumper Pads from Coles (below). These Generic pads are a slightly different shape but so far have proved as good as the 3M I had previously used. So gar so cooool, give it a go I am certain you will not be disappointed and it wont break the bank. If ya lose one just pop another one on

    I am so surprised how well it adhered to the shutter button, I think I have stumbled onto something ...... * Correction Pack of 10 for $3:50.

    Coles Table Bumpers