Gear Review // 10 High-End Compact Cameras For Street Photography

Why would an already professional photographer or be an aspiring photographer need a compact camera rather than a DSLR. This is of course the most sorted question when you want to go for a compact camera, the boredom of always traveling around with 3-4 lenses, a huge camera bag and the lame luxury of losing some precious time in changing lenses, after a period of time once you start to appreciate certain complex things with an unique vision you slowly start to realize its better to have a compact camera rather than a dslr, which trumpets your arrival as a photographer. Especially for street and travel photographers this compact mechanism works like charm.

In this post of ours, we have shortlisted some of the most wanted and rocking compact cameras, take a look and decide for yourself. Be it the RAW factor, shutter speed or some stunning depth of focus these cameras doesn’t let you down, believe me sometimes they are even better than your dslr.

Leica M9-P 18 MP Digital Rangefinder Camera

The LEICA M9, a camera that carries the legend of Leica M cameras into the digital age. It is the smallest full-format digital system camera the world has ever seen. In a nutshell: it is a contemporary tool for all who demand the highest standards in image quality and love freedom of composition.


  • Display glass made of Sapphire Glass
  • Vulcanite leatherette covering for better grip and longer lasting life.
  • Pure Leica look without Lieca logo and M9 lettering on the front side
  • Classical “Leica” engraving on the top cover
  • Available in classic Black paint or silver chrome


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