Photographer // MICHAEL JANG


Los Angeles, 1971. America was experiencing colossal cultural & political change, change that would redefine the nation forever. For Michael Jang and the Cal Arts photography department however, 1971 was more about endless summerʼs days and young foreverʼs dawns. Jang was 20 and easily distracted. Photography wasnʼt his scene, but graduation was, so he started devising imaginative ways to fulfil his class assignments. 

Obtaining questionable press passes to attend exclusive events at the Beverly Hilton and scanning the classifieds of the L.A. Times for eclectic conventions & gatherings, Jang began amassing hundreds and hundreds of extraordinary images, only to forget about them entirely for decades.

Jang continued practicing as a commercial photographer, revealing nothing of his vast & ever expanding archive until 2003, when he submitted a number of images for consideration to San Franciscoʼs Museum of Modern Art. They attracted immediate international acclaim, and for the past decade Jang has continued to unveil his considerable portfolio in a series of exhibitions and monographs, among them College, his latest collection.


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