INTERVIEW // Fred Mortagne Part One


The internationally renowned skateboarding filmmaker and cameraman, Fred Mortagne – a.k.a FrenchFred – shares in this two part series a selection of images taken with a Monochrom in Paris, Barcelona, Lisbon,  Lyon, among others. He also shares his thoughts on his career and the evolution of this urban culture that he has been part of for over 30 years now. This work is presented as part of the Red Bull Illume competition, which Fred Mortagne was a winner of during its first edition in 2007, and which Leica is a partner of this year.

Q: Fred, how did you become involved in skateboarding culture?

A: It was a long time ago, over 30 years now, when I was in third grade! At the time, a group of friends and I would just skate downhill, sitting on our boards, which were like toys to us then. Then the skateboard boom took off in France, partly thanks to the film “Back to the Future”. Right from the start, I was crazy about skateboarding and when I got more into it, I realized that there were a number of magazines and videos about the skateboarding world. That made a big impression on me; I used to love watching all those videos from abroad. They would only come out every two to three months, so you had to be patient and wait.


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