Gear Review // THE IMMORTAL NIKON D700 vs D610?

by Dennis Berti

5-01-2014 12-54-22.jpg

I will try to explain in a few words my experience after using my new Nikon D610. Note: this is not a formal and detailed review of the camera, if you are looking for something like that, just type the magic words on Google and you will find it.

Chio and I have shoot for 5 years with the Nikon D700 and we love it, actually we still own two D700 bodies that we don’t want to sell, don’t take me wrong and and still love them. When I get older, I would love to show to my grandchildren, how was this camera and how it worked, just like my grandfather showed my father the old Nikon FMs

The D700 will forever be an amazing camera, the colors (it doesn’t matter if you shoot RAW or JPEG’s), are simply wonderful and have never seen such an amazing results with other cameras, even between the more expensive ones.


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