In Search of William Klein

 by Grant Scott 



Grant Scott first managed to contact and work with the iconic photographer and filmmaker William Klein in 1991. Klein has remained his favourite photographer ever since and so when the opportunity to catch-up with Klein in 2012 presented itself he was keen to meet up with his hero once again. If only everything had been that simple…

I can’t remember when William Klein’s images first entered my consciousness and burned themselves onto my retina. They seem to have always been there. In my life. In my sight. They were there in the vast multi-coloured Mister Freedom poster in a changing room in the jeans shop Fiourucci in the Kings Road in the early 1970s, in the dense black and white grain of his New York contacts, which I pored over whilst at college in the 1980s and finally and thankfully in Tatler magazine, which I art directed throughout the 1990s. Klein’s images were the images I wanted to capture, they were the images that inspired me and infuriated me.


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