Cinestill Film Pretty Palette

by Chris Weeks

Prior to and kinda concurrant to getting my hands on the Fuji X-T1 The Brothers Wright gave me a few rolls of Cinestill Film during dinner with Ryan Muirhead this past December-ish.  It could have been January, though.  I don’t remember 

I have to digress a bit.  I know I’ve been caught in a “Cartier-Bresson Vortex.”  When I shoot for clients I’m shooting color.  Digital color.  Shooting black and white images is how I started when I was 10.  I’ve loved seeing black and white for a long time.  It always felt to me that it was a perfect foil to making color photos for clients.

It really wasn’t until I shot the M9 that I learned to really enjoy seeing some color street shots.  Prior to that 99.9% of my street work was shot on black and white film.  I didn’t see what was in my viewfinder in color; I saw it in monochrome.  Seeing the .dng files come out of the M9 I saw the files that I originally shot in my mind as black and white.  There were other frames that even though I may have seen them as monochromes they appeared to work in color.  It got me thinking about color street shots and actually making more and more of them. 


Source ( via  (Chris Weeks facebook)