Max Pinckers wins Photographic Museum of Humanity 2014 Grant

Belgian photographer Max Pinckers is awarded first prize in this year's Photographic Museum of Humanity competition

Gemma Padley

Image © Max Pinckers

Max Pinckers has won first prize in the Photographic Museum of Humanity 2014 contest. 25-year-old Pinckers, who was one of BJP’s ’Ones To Watch’ in January last year, won the $2000 prize for his series, Will They Sing Like Raindrops or Leave Me Thirsty, which ruminates on love and marriage in India.

Of Pinckers’s work jury member Alec Soth said: “In Max Pinckers’ brilliantly rendered photographs, all the world’s a stage and Pinckers is the stage director. But like the best theatre, what matters in Pinckers’ pictures isn’t the technique behind the theatrics, but the comic drama of humanity.”

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