When in Doubt learn to use your phone before you run trip and hurt yourself ...

by Bobby Dazler

There are  times that your out and about and you just wish you had your fancy DSLR to take a shot and ya feel your mobile just won't cut it. I say shame on you, how dare you doubt the power of your 5 megapixel 'smartphone.  I have taken many a shot with my 5 megapixel beauty and was glad for the attempt. 


iPhone 4 | Snapseek | VSCO CAM

the 2 images above are an example of not having a choice but to take use of whats in your pocket, that being a iPhone 4. With a little in phone editing you can produce a nice and exceptionable image.  My main Apps of choice are, Google Snapseed and VSCO Cam. That's it actually, the difference is subtle but very effective. I would say a iPhone 4 and those 2 apps in the hands of a real artist (ahem) kicks the living Balls of some newbie hack with his/her Nikon 5300 and sigma zoom hands down. Look at the 'Belle Magazine' shot below. ...... Guess what, shot on my iPhone 4. Shit you not, no one even noticed. Put that in your pipe and smoke it nay Sayers ..... In your face.


iTouch 5 | Snapseed | Banana Cam

iPhone 5 | Snapseed | VSCOCAM

not everyone can shoot on the iPhone 4 and get payed the big bucks, but some people like me do and you don't. So basically stop wasting your money on gear and learn how to take a decent photo on the camera you have in your pocket, .....your phone. Once you can get those looking good, move onto some worthy of your talents. For many of you that may even be asking to much, but for the handful of you creatives, embrace the simple pleasure of producing quality work before filling our blogs and  internet with shit, crap and more abhorrent images produced by cameras with price tags larger than our IQ's.

I don't wish to be the barer of bad news but not everyone is a photographer. The majority of you suck and a fancy few  have some talent. However all the fanciest gear in the world can't polish a turd, so learn to shoot properly and you might just lay a golden egg one day. Start with your trusty Phone and master it for the tool it is. You just may be surprised at what a great tool it is and how much you have learnt. Skills all which are transferrable to future Camera purchases to come. One more for the road, the shot (left) of Celebrity 'James Chung'  'Wired Magazine' shot with ....iPhone 5 .... yeaaaaa Boooooy.

*names and facts have been changed to protect the guilty. The general gist of the article is however factual.