WOW MIT Takes Your Selfies to the Next Level

Recommended resolution: 1080p]

We introduce a technique to transfer the style of an example headshot photo onto a new one. This can allow one to easily reproduce the look of renowned artists. At the core of our approach is a new multiscale technique to robustly transfer the local statistics of an example portrait onto a new one. This technique matches properties such as the local contrast and the overall lighting direction while being tolerant to the unavoidable differences between the faces of two different people. Additionally, because artists sometimes produce entire headshot collections in a common style, we show how to automatically find a good example to use as a reference for a given portrait, enabling style transfer without the user having to search for a suitable example for each input. We demonstrate our approach on data taken in a controlled environment as well as on a large set of photos downloaded from the Internet. We show that we can successfully handle styles by a variety of different artists.

Source ( (yichang shih Youtube)