GEAR REVIEW // The big camera strap review by Anastasia

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Who would have thought that only after about 6 weeks I will be sitting at home and looking at the best handmade camera straps from all over the world. What started as a simple “Why not try and see if I can get a few straps for a review” thought turned out into possibly the largest major strap review there is. Today I have 12 fantastic straps in this review and all of it was possible thanks to the people who made these great products. The best thing about trying to reach small companies is that someone will actually get back to you. In this case it’s the owner and the person who feels the pride for making every single strap by hand and often for the custom orders. The price tags run pretty high, but after seeing all of the straps in person and looking at the stitching and designs it just becomes so clear that maybe the price tags don’t even begin to cover the real price of the straps. It’s months of development, leather testing, tool adjustments, supplier research, marketing, actually making the straps. In short, you get to feel all that care and love when you put one of these straps on your camera.

I was in NYC and I just decided to buy Sony A7R. That camera is just screaming for something custom and I started doing my research. I knew a few companies because I love browsing camera stuff on Instagram. That’s where I found everyone. To my really big surprise I ended up getting the straps from every person I reached out to. This just shows you the level of responsiveness of these ladies and gentlemen. At some point I realized that this will be a massive review an not just about the straps, but about the things you need to consider when making your buying choices. I have to point out one major thing before we move on.


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