When the Day: Nameless - Still and Continuous B/W series #1

The sun still rises in surrounding same direction and time, day after day, and never cease to shining, although overcast covered the earth. The wind and rain came and went braved the trees in the yard, and they grew as naturally and as strong as they held on for flowering or fruiting. The time scrolling and spinning slowly but surely, no longer feel existing differences with the time previous. The leaves are still growing or falling on the ground, a sign of a change process of ongoing life unstoppably. When my feet glued and severed, by the problems of life happens so colossal and insistently, without can I prevent or avoid it, and must be brave to face it all, one by one. And the full moon, still visible, revealing light her face like last month, and month after month, previously.


Source (http://jpgmag.com)