Good things take time by Morgan Roberts

After reading Morgan's post on Facebook recently, I really thought it was something to share. I have known Morgan for sometime and I have seen him roll with the punches and always come out smiling. As we pursue whatever it is we feel is important, I think Morgan's Post is a wonderful example of getting on with things and not complicating the journey too much. Cheers Morgan!

Selfie by Morgan Roberts

As most of you would be aware, I tend to shy away from gratuitous Facebook status updates about personal achievements, excluding of course anything to do with Harry, our single greatest achievement. Today I'd like to buck the trend and share some statistics. 

It's been two years and a month since I left Apple. Two months prior to that, Emma and I got married, and in the time since we started a family and moved back in with my parents to make ends meet. I started working full time as a photographer, the craft I love so much, having previously spent about seven years doing it as a hobby with some paid work on the side, not to mention completing in that time a Bachelors Degree in Photography majoring in Photojournalism, which took four-and-a-half. Since making it my main income I have shot ten weddings and assisted on many others, as well as countless smaller jobs and an 18-month stint teaching with an exciting but ultimately frustrating part-time photography course.

The next wedding that I book will be the twentieth wedding I will have booked and/or photographed since making this my full time employment. Most (wedding) photography friends of mine already shoot more than that in a year, but I'm ok with that. That's two bookings in the current financial year for every one in the previous two financial years. In that time I've also shot about 50 commissioned portraits, again small compared to some people I know, but again... small steps. Growth and progress. 

Since April, I've lost 7 kilos. I can play 40 minutes of a team sport and not die in the ass. I can do 8km in 45 minutes on the flat, which is about 40 minutes more than I could run for, period, four months ago.

Harry is nearly two. Emma and I have taught him to kick a ball, in the right direction too. He's actually more accurate than me, which isn't hard, but... small steps. I could go in to more detail about him, but that's another story.

Don't beat up on yourself looking through countless photography blogs thinking you'll never be as good as them. You're not, yet... don't expect to shoot street like Cartier-Bresson tomorrow, because you will die in the ass. But don't stop. Don't give up on playing the game you love because you're unfit and eat too much shit. Make a change and do something about it.

Good things take time. Heaps of time. And I'm proud of what I've achieved.

Here's to all the people that were part of this journey. You all know who you are. Mostly, Emma. I could not imagine doing this without you.

And here's to the next ten years.