APP REVIEW // Replichrome Presets for your Mobile

I am a fan of Totally Rads  Replichrome 'Lightroom & Photoshop' Presets (I am actually  half way into doing a Review of that very product for WECC) So when I saw they had released their in-App presets for 'PicTapGo' I thought I would throw up a few examples to give readers a slight idea of their usefulness. I have to add, that it is NOT a review of 'PicTapGo'. Here is a nice video for you to look at if that's what your after. one more thing, all the images are taken on the iPhone 5.


Replichrome Presets have included some nice film stocks to chose from. For the first image below I used Snapseed by Google (iPhone) and applied the 'auto' preset and saved to the Camera Roll. Then using PicTapGo I imported the image and applied the 'Agpro 200' preset and was verey pleased with the results. Obviously you don't have the subtle control options of say VSCOCam, however The PicTapGo App allows presets to be stacked on top of one another with each layer (preset) having a sepreate strength adjustment control. Which is a really useful way of working on your images. 

Clean image Auto corrected in Snapseed

Agpro 200 preset added

The top image is a strait file auto corrected in Snapseed, the 2nd image has had the Replichrome 'Agpro 200' preset applied at maximum strength. Very pleasing indeed, subtle but very controlled. 

I have taken a few more sample images on the iPhone 5 and applied 3 diffrent presets to each image . Above we have the 'flowers in my front yard'. The original image followed by the 3 Replichrome Presets within 'PicTapGo'. From left to right Original*/ 400H / RAP100F / P 160NC

'My Lawn' left to right Original / 800Z / EKT25 / RVP 50

'Front Window' left to right Original / TMZ 3200  / SCL 200X / 400TX

I think Replichrome have done a fabulous job of transferring the look and feel of their Lighroom presets across to our smartphones. I personally must admit I had never used or herd of the 'PicTapGo' app on my iPhone so do hope this does not hinder the use by people unaware of the app in the first place. Many of us have several such Apps already installed so how 'PicTapGo' stacks up against the rest is another review for another time. I for one am very pleased by what Replichrome have added to this apps appeal, and it will not be leaving my phone anytime soon. Film emulation is something many of us are always looking to bring to our rather clean sterile Smart Phone images and Totally Rads Replichrome TapPicGo preset pack is a fabulouse easy option I would definatlry recomend.