Why “Gear Lust” and “Pixel Peeping” Are Good for You

came into still photography by way of video. Throughout my younger years I was always playing with video cameras, and when I graduated college I set out to buy one of my own.

Like so many others, I turned to the Internet for guidance. I got lost in a whirlwind of blogs, forums and tutorials. As a recovering technophobe, it was overwhelming and scary. This was to be my first major post college purchase, and I wanted to research the subject diligently.

Finally pulling the trigger on that camera, I often still found myself visiting those same websites and forums. This had become a daily habit over the past few months, and the compulsion never seemed to go away.

I read up on every detail, rumor and review about new cameras and old. I became obsessed with the technology of photography. I understand the reason some people see this as unhealthy, but let’s try and comprehend the positives that go along with this obvious case of “gear lust”.


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