The Most Compact & Magical Fully Automatic 120 Film Camera Ever! 

If you have not already herd, Lomo are at it again with a medium format 120 film camera, the LC-A 120 is a big brother to the ever popular LC-A . Unfortunatley we have not yet been able to get our grubby little hands on a real camera, so this regurgitated post will have to do.

I am a big Medium Format film lover and currently enjoy my GA645 from Fujifilm,however I am very keen to see the results of the Lomography's LC-A 120 for myself. The square format pictures are taken with its 38mm f/4.5 wide-angle premium glass lens look's very impressive indeed, so there appears much to be excited about. If their tricky website is anything to go by this is one must have camera ?

So what's not to like

My only concern with many things 'Lomography' is the price tag, $463.06 Australian (not including shipping) is nothing to lough at. In essence it is a cut down medium format camera with a hefty price tag in a compact body. The smaller size is deffinatley an exciting prospect, however it is important to remember that you can grab a Fujifilm GA645W Pro W wich sports a fantastic 45mm wide lens from eBay for about $393.58. Better yet spend a little more and grab yourself the Fujifilm GA645Zi which sports a nice 55-90 zoom lens for roughly about $500-$600 . The Fuji's have autofocus and one of the sharpest lenses in their class. Not to mention all the various exposure settings you have come to expect from this format. So for slightly less there is a much superior compact*(maybe not that compact comparred to the Lomo) point & shoot style alternative in the Fuji line up, there are also various other offerings from brands such as Bronica, Kiev &  Mamiya to name but a few. Diffrenrt horses for diffrent courses as they say,


On a more positive note, I actually do love the form factor of the new  LC-A 120, any time someone can crush down the size of a medium format camera for street use I am excited and It does appear to be the most compact 120 I have seen. So If the exposure system is up to scratch it most likely will be a great pocket camera to consider for purchase. Like the rest of you, WECC will have to just sit tight and wait .

Least they are still generationg intrest in the film medium, and for that I am very very greatful. My only real concern is the price tag $$$ is it money well spent ? 

You can pre-order here