GEAR REVIEW // The X100T: a review in five pieces by Patrick La Roque

ok it is know secret we here at WECC love FUJIFILM and in particular the X100 in all it's variations. So when yet another review pops up on the WWW we are here to enjoy and spread the word ...... WORD

I longed for Istanbul. Or Madrid, Cairo, Rio. I longed for the circus, for freight trains, for a rush of uncertainty in long and aimless circumambulations; for an assault on the senses and a total loss of balance, making my way through the unknown, sinking in strange quicksand crowds with my eye to a small window.

That was me, waxing poetic during the intro of the X100S review almost two years ago. It may have seemed strange to some that a camera, a simple capture device, could elicit such a high level of emotion; but I believe objects can become more than the sum of their parts. These tools can become an extension of ourselves and when they do, something else happens: they inspire us. To this day when I see an X100 I have an almost Pavlovian response, something I can only describe as photographic withdrawal syndrome: it makes me need to shoot. Anything. It also infects me with a serious case of wanderlust, which I imagine is a byproduct of these cameras being my constant travel companions since the very first version hit the scene; I still own that original model with all its beautiful infuriating faults.


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