Ten photographers you should know by now by Ashleigh Kane

From Johannesburg style radicals to finding humour on China’s streets, Fotografia magazine gives us their pick of the photography names to seek out

  From Transition   Photography Lauren Marsolier, via Fotografia magazine

From Transition Photography Lauren Marsolier, via Fotografia magazine

I don’t really need to remind you of this, but, it’s hard out there for an emerging photographer. The whole ‘everyone’s a photographer’ thing can be frustrating for those actually looking to forge a career path out of our insta-world. When anyone can take a picture, slap on a filter and hit ‘publish’, it’s difficult to separate the quantity from the quality, and, most importantly, find something that genuinely sets fire to your eyeballs.

  Photography Oliver Kruger, via Fotografia magazine

Photography Oliver Kruger, via Fotografia magazine

Fotografia magazine have made it their mission to sift through that never-ending black hole of imagery, and champion up-and-coming names through the tagline ‘Photography for the people’. Every month, its website is full of recommendations, new names, established names and vital information on photography festivals, grants and awards. So, just incase you couldn’t keep up,Fotografia’s founder and editor Graziano Ferri recaps the best of last month’s talent – and pinpoints the names to keep watching.


“Upon visiting a street culture festival in Johannesburg with a friend, South African photographer Oliver Kruger decided to set up an improvised studio at the margins of the event and take portraits of some of the young participants he met there. The portraits capture the local youth’s strong appreciation for particularly flamboyant fashion, something that Kruger pins down to a deeper identity issue: ‘They stand out by the simple act of dressing themselves’ (full interview here).”


Source (http://www.dazeddigital.com)