I know we say this every single issue, but seriously, this issue? Number 46? It’s the best issue we ever done did. Check it out. Ex-Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns breaks his eight-year silence to tell us why he’s been silent for eight years; Skater/Painter Brian Lotti discusses the invention of the Big Spin and the virtues of lugging an easel up a hill; New York artist Weirdo Dave talks about glue and magazines and his freakishly limited experience with the Internet; and Nate Lawrence takes us behind-the-scenes of Kai Neville’s latest surf flick, Cluster. After that, Brodie Jackson does some tattoos that will make you wish you weren’t afraid to get tattoos; Color magazine’s Sandro Grisonreveals Vancouver’s best places to eat, sleep, drink, skate, expel wind and party; the delightfulCharles Manson takes a break from his wedding plans to tell you what the future holds in your horoscope; and Mike Gigliotti explains how a sensitive artist like himself wound up in the military. Also, Dylan Reider puts together a mix tape guaranteed to make you skate better, and, as always,Andy JenkinsDave CarnieVaughan Dead, and myself waffle on and on and on about anything we want.

To heck with Oily Amateurs, it’s all happening in Monster Children #46!

- Ed