Please note: this is not a list of influential street photographers by the moment just the masters can be labelled as most influential for historical reasons and for clear dissemination of their work in the world. This is not even a PR list, but I don’t deny there are friends here.

Chris Weeks

First of all: this is a personal list. This means I will forget someone (apologizes, guys!) , and a list is just a list. Maybe someone doesn’t recognize himself as a street photographer.  I really hope can be taken with the right spirit. It is just another blog post.

The process that made me compile this list is the need to offer to those who approach this kind of photography a list of street photographers offering a credible and consistent body of work, with outstanding images, continuity in the quality of the proposal and undoubted talent.

To create this list I have taken into account these factors but also my desire to offer a open mind vision of the street photography today, avoiding as much as possible the thought approved or the easy name. Of course this list will be subject to criticism, but I am prepared and I don’t care about this. My conscience is serene. I wanted to avoid putting the names of established masters (Moriyama, Webb, Parke, Gilden etc.) because this list wants to offer names to discover. At the same time there are inside names certainly known for those already into the street photography world.

My interest is offering an eye on those photographers that I think should be known because they are making great street photography today. They are not in  a particular order, each one of these 50 deserves to be considered if you are interested in Street Photography today.


Source (http://www.alexcoghe.com/)