VERSUS // Leica Monochrom vs. M246

Leica's recent announcement of Monochrom Type 246 is taking the world of black and white photography by a storm. I see much debate over the merits of making the switch to the new CMOS sensored M246 and those who feel that the previous version of Monochrom is perhaps the better choice of the two. 

Just yesterday, I had numerous inquiries about the new Monochrom camera asking if it would be a wise decision to buy one. I said 'it depends on your goal in photography' which is the reason why I am writing this comparative review to shed light on the differences between the two cameras.

Firstly, let's talk about the previous version of Leica Monochrom. It features a CCD sensor that is 18 megapixels which simply means in that the sensor will use more 'energy' to capture images compared to a CMOS sensor. Getting back to the 'goal' in photography, if your aim is to do a lot of shooting the new version will serve to give at least twice the amount of images per charge of a battery. This is additional image capturing is also partly due to the larger battery size of the M246 as well as the differences in the sensor size.